Database Services

Database Services

Database Services

A constant & predictable Database is one of the key components in ensuring that mission-critical apps & IT services are available to perform covet business tasks. Our highly skilled professionals work reliably to control databases accessible round the clock.

Ashu Dividend offering Database framework services encompass of proactive performance optimization, upgrades, monitoring, builds, security & disaster recovery. Our expert team offers a wide range of technology services including DB2, Oracle, SAP DBA, Oracle E-Business Stack, Sybase, SQL Server, MYSQL, & Database Appliances.

We value our customers to provide full-fledged services it will reduce the cost of database services & increase ROI, increase scalability, performance, productivity & efficiency. we also provide 24/7 offshore support.

Full Range of CRM Services

  • ERP/ Database Upgrades
  • Custom Database Development
  • Database Security Management
  • Maintenance of Present Database
  • Optimization of Existing Database
  • Implement Database / ERP High Availability Solutions
  • Migration of Data Within Various But Compatible Database
  • Unification with Other Web or Software other Database-Driven Apps

Database Support

  • Managed Services

  • 24/7 offshore Support

  • Build & Design Services

  • Database Remote Monitoring Service